Video Review of WP Engine – Best WordPress Host?

February 13, 2013

Is WP Engine REALLY the best WordPress Host?
If you’re considering switching hosts for your WordPress site, either because of very slow load speeds or inattentive support from your current host, be sure to watch this video first.

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Let’s Go

MyMediaGuy.com is a WordPress based site, and over the life of the portfolio, I’ve seen plenty of hosts. If you’re anything like me, you want a great price and incredible service when it comes to your web host. If you’re considering trying WP Engine, but you’re a little hesitant, let me put your mind at ease.

WordPress is meant to be a very simple CMS for blogs, portfolios and websites… and in some cases, it is. But the real backbone of your site is your host. I’ve personally spent a long time on other hosts, usually only paying $4-10 a month to be on a shared server.

It was a nightmare.

Whenever I had a problem, I called support, and they did the ‘best they could do’, but would never provide truly knowledgeable WordPress help. They simply offered an answer from a book. Should I have expected more? Only paying a couple bucks a month, the company burns through that in seconds.

Truth is, just because a host is “WordPress Approved”, doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.

I decided to make the switch.

As you saw in the video, my site speed increased 600%, I could launch a staging site to test features, free access ($30+ monthly elsewhere) to MaxCDN, automatic backups, fallback servers ($80 monthly elsewhere), free load balancers ($190 monthly elsewhere), managed database servers ($160 monthly elsewhere), security management like Sucuri ($65 elsewhere) and finally I could get help with WordPress specific problems from experts (usually $75 an hour elsewhere). Sure, your monthly host cost is now $29, but KNOWING your site is in good hands is invaluable. I can tell you this much:

I’ll NEVER go back to another host. Ever.

Coming from one of the most frugal guys on earth (See me on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates Pilot Episode), you aren’t going to get a better host for less money anywhere.

Ok, I’m Ready

Even if you don’t sign up today, click here to learn more.

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